5 Ways to wear Stripes

We love stripes, they can be worn so many ways and cross over to different styles. It’s easy to get trapped in matching a striped black and white top with boring or safe bottoms, but we like to treat stripes as a neutral- like a basic black or white top. Nikki and I put together 5 outfits for you….

5 ways to wear stripes:

Look #1:

Pair black and white stripes with a mostly red subtle print skirt and red accessories.

Look #2:

We love this striped top with the Monte Carlo skirt. The tie front and keyhole detail make this look so retro! We edged it up and paired it with a gold skull necklace.

Look #3:

The black background on this skirt makes it easy to pair with stripes and make this outfit more interesting.

Look #4:

Pair black and white stripes with solid red… fool proof!

Look #5:

Lastly, pair black and white with basic black capris and black and white accessories. We added a chromed out retro-inspired skull necklace.

We carry sizes XS-4XL, stop by and let’s put an outfit together… or check us out online at http://www.pinkhouseboutique.com.

About pinkhouseboutique
Fashion lover and boutique owner... We go out of our way to find beautiful fashion at a nice price, and we never compromise on quality. We created the kind of store we would want to shop at... all for you! www.PinkHouseBoutique.com

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